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Mud Lake Bog State Nature Preserve

Preserving 74 acres in Williams County

Mud Lake Bog is a well-preserved boreal kettle-hole lake with remnant bog and fen vegetation surrounding it. This is the only known remaining kettle bog in this region of the state. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of Mud Lake Bog is the existence of an alkaline fen on one margin of the lake and an acid sphagnum bog on the other margin. At least 26 state-listed plant species have been reported here, including tamarack (Larix laricina), swamp birch (Betula pumila), shrubby cinquefoil (Dasiphora fruticosa), and lesser bladderwort (Utricularia minor). The preserve is also home to a variety of unusual odonata species including the lilypad forktail (Ischnura kellicotti), marsh bluet (Enallagma ebrium), Canada darner (Aeshna canadensis), and mottled darner (Aeshna clepsydra).

Local Directions

Located in Northwest Township, Williams County. Due to the sensitivity of Mud Lake Bog, access to the preserve is by permit from the Division of Natural Areas & Preserves.

Special Features

  • Boreal kettle-hole lake
  • Remnant bog and fen vegetation
  • At least 26 state-listed plant species

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