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Researchers Explore the Depths of Triangle Lake Bog

Posted on 8/25/2015 by State Nature Preserves

During the week of August 17, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison spent two days taking coring samples of the organic layers below the tannic waters of Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve. The research objective is to better understand the paleo-climatic and paleo-ecological history of Ohio and the upper Midwest, during the climate changes accompanying the last deglaciation of the Launrentide Ice Sheet. Wow that’s a mouthful! But aside from that important work the crew also provided answers to some commonly asked questions such as, “ How deep is the water at Triangle Lake Bog?” and “How thick is the organic or muck layer below the water?” Well, the maximum depth of the lake is 27 feet in the center and the muck layer persists to about 45 feet where we reached sand . Being able to participate in the coring process was an unforgettable experience. While we didn’t discover any giant ground sloths or mastodon remains, there’s something awfully amazing about touching sediments buried under water for the last 21,000 years. The project coordinator has graciously offered to answer any questions our fans may have about their research. Dr. Jack Williams can be reached by email at:

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