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Visit the Prairie at the Ohio State Fair

Posted on 7/22/2016 by State Nature Preserves

A visit to the Ohio State Fair in Columbus is a long standing tradition for many Ohioans. It involves rides, food, games, concerts, farm animals, and scads of vendors. But our favorite spot at the Fair? The Ohio Department Natural Resources Park! The shaded, grassy parkland offers visitors a respite from the hot sun and asphalt, and a place to learn about the wide and varied work of ODNR through various fun and engaging activities. Once again, we’ll be at the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves prairie each day of the fair from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. from July 27 through August 7.

The main attraction of our area is the tallgrass prairie, which is made to look spectacular every year by volunteers from the Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves Association. We could not make the prairie look as good as it does without their help. You’ll see a stunning array of prairie wildflowers as you walk along the boardwalk. Next to the prairie, you’ll find our information building staffed by our preserve managers, volunteers, and botanists ready to answer your questions. Sign up for our newsletter or pick up a copy of our new Guide to Ohio State Nature Preserves brochure, prairie seed packets, and posters.

This year we’ll be highlighting pollinators and why they are important. You’ll even have an opportunity to go searching for them in the prairie. Pollinators are very important as they make it possible for prairie plants to produce fruits and seeds. Pollinators move from flower to flower collecting pollen; this allows the transfer of genetic material, which is vital to the reproduction of most flowering plants. So come on down to check out our fair prairie for a fun and engaging learning experience. We’ll see you at the Ohio State Fair!