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Cut-leaved Toothwort - Cardamine concatenata

Cut-leaved Toothwort
“Animals fight wars; flowers practice peace.” ~ James Edwin Gunn

Cut-leaved toothwort, (Cardamine concatenata) is a common spring wildflower that grows throughout Ohio. The flowers have a pleasing pinkish-white color and the sepals are yellow-green, adding a splash of color to the forest during early spring. You can usually find this wildflower growing in deciduous mesic woodlands. This plant gets its name from its roots that were once used to treat tooth aches. Native Americans also used the root to treat colds and headaches. You can find it in many Ohio state nature preserves including Lawrence Woods State Nature Preserve in Hardin County, Desonier State Nature Preserve in Athens County and Kyle Woods State Nature Preserve in Mahoning County.

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