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November 2014 Natural Areas & Preserves eNewsletter

We invite you to visit your State Nature Preserves. Hiking, bird watching and wildlife photography are but a few of the activities you can enjoy at your nearby State Nature Preserve.

The Rarest of the Rare

Division Botanist Andrew Gibson highlights some of Ohio’s most exceptional plants.

Small White Ladys-slipper orchid Did you know that one in three of Ohio’s native plant species is considered to be rare within our state? Of the roughly 1,800 indigenous members of our flora, over 600 are currently listed as extirpated, endangered, threatened or potentially threatened by the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves.

2015 Botanical Symposium Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robbin Moran

Dr. Robbin MoranWorld-renowned Dr. Robbin Moran, Curator of Ferns and Lycophytes at The New York Botanical Garden, will present the keynote address “The Extraordinary Biology of some Ohio Ferns” at the 2015 Ohio Botanical Symposium in March. His presentation will cover the astonishing biology of Ohio ferns included in his award winning book, A Natural History of Ferns.

Income Tax Donations

Donate to “State nature preserves” on your Ohio income tax return and provide greatly needed support toward protecting Ohio’s natural areas. Ohioans can donate all or part of their state income tax refund by entering a dollar amount on line 27d of the 2014 1040 Individual Income Tax Return (line 20d of the 1040 EZ form). Contributions made to Ohio State Nature Preserves are tax deductible.

2014 Tax Form

Hunter Prairie to be Preserved

Hunter PrairieOn July 1, the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves signed a management agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation to co-manage “Hunter Prairie” located in Belmont County.

We Need Your Help - Volunteer with Ohio State Nature Preserves

VolunteersEvery person who volunteers in a preserve helps to protect the integrity of the flora and fauna. We have several upcoming opportunities for you to participate.

Volunteers Celebrated at State Nature Preserve Conference Banquet

Columbus Audubon volunteersVolunteers for State Nature Preserves assist with invasive species control, trail installation and improvements, boundary maintenance, facility upkeep and improvements, and outreach events. These hard working individuals donate countless hours of time – on the road getting to events, participating in volunteer projects, and cleaning their clothes, boots, and tools after events – all for the sake of protecting the best of what is left in Ohio.

Ohio State Nature Preserves Open House a Great Success

Open House Flyer On Wednesday, November 5, supporters of State Nature Preserves from across Ohio gathered at Mohican Lodge and Conference Center to reacquaint themselves with current work and recent successes of the Division.

'Tis the Season…to Lesson Your Tax Burden with a Charitable Gift

By making a donation to the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves before December 31, 2014, you are not only benefitting your State Nature Preserves, but also reducing your taxable income liability for the 2014 tax year. Please consider making a tax deductible year end gift to Ohio’s State Nature Preserves!