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September 2015 Natural Areas & Preserves eNewsletter

We invite you to visit your State Nature Preserves. Hiking, bird watching and wildlife photography are just some of the activities you can enjoy at your nearby State Nature Preserve.

Researchers Explore the Depths of Triangle Lake Bog

Research at Triangle Lake Bog

Recently, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison spent two days taking core samples of the organic layers below the tannic waters of Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve. The research objective is to better understand the paleo-climatic and paleo-ecological history of Ohio and the upper Midwest, during the climate changes accompanying the last deglaciation of the Laurentide Ice Sheet.

Join Us in the Field

Raven Rock

State Nature Preserve staff will be hosting several programs this fall across the state. Attending a program is a great way to learn more about the flora, fauna and geological features we protect. Programs are coming up at Lakeside Daisy, Clifton Gorge and Raven Rock state nature preserves.

Trail and Parking Lot Added to Johnson Ridge State Nature Preserve

Johnson Ridge SNP

In early August, a new parking area and trail was opened at Adams County’s Johnson Ridge State Nature Preserve.

Service in the Preserves

Columbus Audubon volunteers

Working with our preserve managers, Columbus Audubon’s service in the preserves team has planned another season of important trips across Ohio. We thank our dedicated volunteers who have given up their Saturdays for more than 30 years to help improve public access and control invasive plants in our state nature preserves. Are you interested in joining them?

Ohio State Fair Prairie


Each year, the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves hosts state fair visitors at our prairie in ODNR’s Natural Resource Park. The prairie looked absolutely amazing this year thanks to the hard work of volunteers from the Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves Association.

What is a Sedge?

Research at Triangle Lake Bog

Sedges. The mere mention of these grass-like plants can make even the most enthusiastic of plant lovers furrow their brow. That comes as little surprise due to the complexity and excruciating similarities this unique family is known for. But have no fear! We have an article designed to open your eyes to the beauty and aesthetic details of this often shunned group. Other monocot relatives like trillium, orchids and lilies might have the wow factor but the sedges are wonderful works of art too. You just have to look past the intimidating aura that surrounds them.

Changes at State Nature Preserves

Change and growth

A look at the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves today shows signs of change in the right direction.