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Wildflower Bloom Report

Cool and Wet Weather Extends Season- Ohio Wildflower Bloom Report for May 6, 2016

Posted on 5/6/2016 by State Nature Preserves
This wildflower season started early this year, and it just kept going this week thanks to below normal temperatures and rain. Large white trillium, our state wildflower, is still blooming throughout the state, although it is rapidly fading in the south. This weekend will be the last to capture and enter your photographs into our Best of Ohio Wildflowers 2016 contest on Facebook. The contest closes on Monday, May 9, at noon.

Large white trillium, Lawrence Woods

Southern Ohio
While many spring blooms are fading as the canopy close above, good amounts of spring blooms can still be viewed in the south. At Shawnee State Forest, early bloomers are past peak, but both pink and large yellow lady’s-slippers can still be seen this weekend. Join us Saturday May 7 at 10 a.m. for a large yellow lady’s-slipper tour at Davis Memorial. Other blooms still hanging on in the south include wild geranium, star chickweed, striped white violet, indian paintbrush and Virginia spiderwort.

Large yellow lady's-slipper, Shawnee State Forest

Fire pink, Boch Hollow

Central Ohio
At Boch Hollow, orchids are also stealing the show, led by pink lady’s slipper and showy orchis. Dwarf larkspur and firepink are also at peak bloom. Moving to Clifton Gorge, the season’s late bloomers are taking over, with mayapple, jack-in-the-pulpit, and three species of waterleaf putting on a display. False solomon’s seal, one of the latest spring bloomers, is now beginning to open. Finally, further north at Davey Woods, the trillium are past peak, but wild blue phlox, round-leaved ragwort, and Solomon’s seal are still fresh and vibrant.

Showy orchis, Boch Hollow

Northern Ohio
Northern Ohio is where the display of our ephemeral blooms are still at peak display. At Lawrence Woods, the stands of large white trillium are open and spectacular, with none showing the blush of pink that signals their end. Swamp buttercup, marsh marigold, dense clumps of wild blue phlox, and stands of wild geranium are still quite spectacular. Dominant blooms at Kendrick Woods include rue-anemone (still!), wild ginger, spring beauty, sessile trillium, wild blue phlox and large white trillium. Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve hosts its annual wildflower walk this Saturday May 7 at 10 a.m. In addition to the displays of trillium, Virginia bluebells, and marsh marigold, expect to see bishop’s-cap, foam flower, Jacob’s ladder, long-spurred violet, early meadow-rue, wild geranium and golden ragwort.

Foam flower, Eagle Creek

Finally, if you’re feeling like a trip to Ohio’s Lake Erie coast, please visit Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve during our open house this Saturday, May 7 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The bright yellow daisy, a federally rare species that is locally common at the preserve, carpets a barren former limestone quarry, splashing a normally gray landscape with a wash of yellow.

There are plenty of spring blooms to be seen across the state. Now get out and explore before it’s too late!

The Ohio wildflower bloom report is updated weekly with the best places to see spring wildflowers in Ohio as well as specific information on native wildflowers in the state. We encourage you to take spring wildflower photos and upload them to social media using the hashtag, #ohiowildflowers. Follow @ohiodnr and @DiscoverOhio on Twitter and Division of Natural Areas and Preserves on Facebook to see more spring wildflower photos.

What are you seeing and where? Share your favorite wildflower locations and photos below.