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Wildflower Bloom Report

Northern Ohio Reaches Peak Bloom

Posted on 5/8/2015 by State Nature Preserves

Ohio Wildflower Bloom Report - May 8, 2015

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With summer-like temperatures arriving, there is still time to see displays of our ephemeral spring wildflowers, but the season is closing fast. The best spring wildflower displays are now being observed in northern Ohio. The federally threatened Lakeside Daisy has reached peak bloom at Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve in Ottawa County.


Southern Ohio is beginning to look very green, with trilliums, Virginia bluebells, and violets on the decline. Foamflower, wild columbine, dogwood and redbud can still be seen but are past peak. Head north if you’re looking for those species. Pink lady’s-slipper has reached peak bloom, as well as the smaller showy orchis. Dwarf crested iris is still blooming at Lake Katharine. The brilliant red fire pink is now at peak bloom. The purple and white blooms of Virginia and appendaged waterleaf are now open. Look for fringed blooms of Miami mist in southwest Ohio.


Later spring wildflowers like false Solomon’s seal and wild blue phlox are still in bloom. White baneberry, or Doll’s eyes, has begun to flower. Clifton Gorge is a great place to spot it. Pussytoes, named because the flowering heads look like small cat’s feet, is now blooming in open wooded habitats with dry soil. Violet wood-sorrel is now open at Boch Hollow. Showy orchis should also be opening soon in central Ohio as well. Join us to see many of these species Saturday, May 9, at Shallenberger State Nature Preserve, a short drive from Columbus.


The spring wildflower display continues in northern Ohio, with trilliums, Virginia bluebells, violets and squirrel corn still in bloom. Large white and red trillium will be on display during our guided hike Saturday, May 9, at Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve. The federally threatened Lakeside Daisy, which can be easily seen at Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve and Kelleys Island State Park, is in full bloom. This composite needs the dry, gravelly abandoned limestone quarries to survive. Each May the daisies carpet the quarry landscape with a sea of yellow. Plan a trip soon to see them this weekend before they too are gone for the year. Finally, the common lupine and hoary puccoon should begin to bloom this upcoming week in the Oak Openings region. Look for both of these species at Lou Campbell.

It’s been a fantastic wildflower season. While it’s winding down, peak conditions are still present in our northernmost counties.

The Ohio wildflower bloom report will be updated weekly with the best places to see spring wildflowers in Ohio as well as specific information on native wildflowers in the state. We encourage you to take spring wildflower photos and upload them to social media using the hashtag, #ohiowildflowers. Follow @ohiodnr and @DiscoverOhio on Twitter and Division of Natural Areas and Preserves on Facebook to see more spring wildflower photos. What are you seeing and where? Share your favorite wildflower locations and photos below.