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Wildflower Bloom Report

Ohio Wildflower Bloom Report - April 17, 2015

Posted on 4/17/2015 by State Nature Preserves

Spring has finally arrived across Ohio with spectacular displays of wildflowers touching almost every corner of the state. Conditions have reached peak bloom in southern Ohio and are near peak in central Ohio. Early blooms have finally opened across northern Ohio with more than a dozen species now flowering.


Once again, southern Ohio is the place to venture this weekend if you would like to see our spring wildflowers in peak bloom. Large white trillium, drooping trillium and sessile trillium are in full bloom. Virginia Bluebells have reached peak conditions carpeting rich lowlands with washes of color. Several species of violets have also reached peak bloom, including long-spurred violet and downy yellow violet. The purplish-pink blooms of the redbud tree have opened as well. Our southern Ohio recommendation this week is the Harry Knighton Trail at Shawnee State Park in Scioto County. If your favorite spring wildflower destination is in southern Ohio, plan a visit now before it is too late.


Blooms are reaching near peak conditions in central Ohio as well. You may catch an early bloomer like bloodroot this weekend, but many of our early spring wildflowers will soon senesce in central Ohio. Mt. Gilead State Park offers a nice spring wildflower display for north-central Ohio. Gross Memorial Woods State Nature Preserve in Shelby County is another off-the-beaten path site with excellent displays of wildflowers. If you are in the Columbus area, Inniswood Metro Gardens shouldn’t be missed. With temperatures expected to reach 70 plus degrees on Saturday the 18th, conditions will reach peak bloom very quickly across the central part of the state.


After a long, cold spring, wildflower season has finally arrived in full force in Northern Ohio. One of our favorite wildflower areas, Augusta Anne-Olsen State Nature Preserve in Huron County, has seen more than 14 species open this week. Spring beauty, hepatica, false rue anemone, marsh marigold, sessile trillium and large white trillium are now blooming. Dwarf ginseng, twinleaf, and wild ginger will be blooming soon. If you’ve missed early species like harbinger-of-spring and bloodroot, head north this weekend. Lawrence Woods, Goll Woods, Eagle Creek, Sheepskin Hollow, and Little Beaver Creek all will offer chances to catch early bloomers. Virginia bluebells, golden ragwort, and wild geranium will open as the week progresses.

The Ohio wildflower bloom report will be updated weekly with the best places to see spring wildflowers in Ohio as well as specific information on native wildflowers in the state. We encourage you to take spring wildflower photos and upload them to social media using the hashtag, #ohiowildflowers. Follow @ohiodnr and @DiscoverOhio on Twitter and Division of Natural Areas and Preserves on Facebook to see more spring wildflower photos. What are you seeing and where? Share your favorite wildflower locations and photos below.