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Wildflower Bloom Report

Peak Bloom Rapidly Approaching

Posted on 4/7/2017 by State Nature Preserves
Snow may have fallen in Ohio today, but the cold temperatures will push out soon, setting us up for a sunny weekend with wildflowers blooming across the state. Both Saturday and Sunday should be excellent wildflower viewing days once any snow melts. Temperatures are forecast to be normal to above normal next week, meaning the bloom will intensify across the state, with our southernmost counties reaching peak bloom by next weekend. Barring a late frost, it’s looking like we are in store for a wonderful wildflower season.


Once again, our counties along the Ohio River lead the way, with many new species blooming this week. Whipple is becoming absolutely beautiful, with large white and drooping trilliums now blooming alongside Virginia bluebells and carpets of rue anemone. At Miller Nature Sanctuary, new bloomers include shooting star, large white trillium, and marsh marigold. Dutchman’s breeches and Virginia bluebells are also peaking at Miller. Finally, at Lake Katharine in Jackson County, 19 species are blooming, led again by Virginia bluebells. Wild geranium has just opened, along with large white trillium and mayapple. Once the warmup arrives, the currently in-bud fire pink, a beautiful scarlet bloom, will open as well.


At Boch Hollow, common blue violets are beginning to open, with spring beauty and cutleaf toothwort at peak. At Christmas Rocks, marsh marigold has reached peak in the wetlands. Check the base of the rock walls for the blooms of trailing arbutus, early saxifrage and pussy toes. Wild blue phlox will bloom soon, and the abundant buds of fire pink will likely open next week. At Stage’s Pond, yellow trout-lily, purple cress, and cut-leaf toothwort are still in abundance. Finally, at Clifton Gorge and adjacent John Bryan, at least 15 species are blooming now, with Virginia bluebells, Dutchman’s breeches, hepatica, and bloodroot at peak. While snow trillium has now senesced, sessile, drooping, and large white trilliums are just beginning. Others to see at Clifton include wild ginger, early meadow rue, miterwort, and the first blooms of wild blue phlox.


In far northwest Ohio at Goll Woods, hepatica, harbinger-of-spring have reached peak, with swamp buttercup and Dutchman’s breeches just beginning. Moving east, we’ve received reports that a few very early blooming Lakeside Daisies are now open, with the peak expected in early May. Moving further east to Portage County, bloodroot is now in bloom at Eagle Creek, but many more species are yet to bloom. Finally, at Sheepskin Hollow in Columbiana County, peak blooms include spring beauty, hepatica, and coltsfoot. The cool standstone gorge that bisects the preserve, accessible by walking south from the main parking area, will be full of spring bloomers soon, with giant cohosh, red and large white trilliums, stone crop, Dutchman’s breeches and wood anemone likely to open over the next week.

Once this last blast of winter weather has pushed through, it will finally feel like spring again. Wildflowers are blooming across the state, and in southern Ohio, the bloom will reach peak this upcoming week, with the rest of the state soon to follow. Get out and enjoy our woodlands of Ohio before it’s too late. We have several wildflower hikes scheduled for April, so please visit our calendar and plan to join us in the field. Happy botanizing!

The Ohio wildflower bloom report is updated weekly with the best places to see spring wildflowers in Ohio as well as specific information on native wildflowers in the state. We encourage you to take spring wildflower photos and upload them to social media using the hashtag, #ohiowildflowers. Follow @ohiodnr and @OhioFindItHere on Twitter and Division of Natural Areas and Preserves on Facebook to see more spring wildflower photos.