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Wildflower Bloom Report

Peak Bloom Reaches Northern Ohio- Ohio Wildflower Bloom Report for April 29, 2016

Posted on 4/29/2016 by State Nature Preserves
Have you been out and photographing Ohio’s wildflowers? Be sure to enter your best photos in this year’s Best of Ohio Wildflowers 2016 photo contest on Facebook. The grand prize winner will receive a private guided hike with a preserve manager or botanist in a State Nature Preserve near you.

What a week for wildflowers! Cool temperatures across the state with plenty of rain will likley extend the season for just a little bit longer. Trilliums are at peak across northern Ohio, while orchids and the woodland irises are blooming in the south. This week should be excellent for spring wildflower viewing once again.

Pink-lady's slipper, 4/25/2016, Christmas Rocks

Southern Ohio
In the south, the second wave of bloomers are now open, including the orchids pink-lady’s slipper and showy orchis. The trails and roads at Shawnee State Park and Forest will be wonderful for viewing both dwarf crested and the rare vernal iris. Fire pink, spotted mandarin, and Carolina vetch can also be seen. Lake Katharine is another excellent spot to see the dwarf crested iris. It’s joined this week by Indian cucumber root and wild columbine. At Conkles Hollow, large white trillium has reached peak bloom. Foam flower, wood betony, bishop’s-cap, and wood betony are also carpeting the steep slopes of the cool sandstone gorge.

Dwarf crested iris, 4/26/2016, Lake Katharine

Large white trillium, 4/28/2016, Goll Woods

Central Ohio
At Clifton Gorge, later blooming species like large-flowered, Virginia, and broad-leaved waterleaf are just now beginning to open. Jack-in-the-pulpit, false Solomon’s seal, Solomon’s seal, mayapple and golden ragwort are at peak. Unfortunately, Virginia bluebells are past peak, so head north if you’re looking for this species. At Davey Woods, the violets are still quite beautiful. Wild geranium and Virginia waterleaf are beginning, with mayapple, drooping and large white trilliums, and wild ginger at peak bloom.

Wild geranium, 4/25/2016, Christmas Rocks

Northern Ohio
Finally, the colorful display is reaching its height in northern Ohio. Kendrick Woods has a wide variety of early and slightly later bloomers, including Dutchman’s breeches, spring beauty, wild blue phlox, sessile and large white trillium, rue-anemone, wood anemone, and Jacobs-ladder. That’s quite a list! Further north at Goll Woods, some of the large white trilliums are showing a wash of faint pink, meaning that fertilization has been complete and the petals will soon senesce. Violets, spring beauty, swamp buttercup, dwarf ginseng and squirrel corn can still be seen. Join us for a wildflower hike at Goll woods this Sunday at 1 p.m. At Eagle Creek in northeastern Ohio, the beautiful displays of large white and red trillium are now at full bloom. The next ten days will be absolutely stunning in northeast Ohio. New blooms this week at Eagle Creek include foam flower, Bishop’s cap, golden ragwort, and Canada mayflower.

Mitrewort, 4/23/2016, Conkles Hollow

This weekend once again will be excellent for spring wildflower viewing. If temperatures remain relatively low as forecasted, our season will be extended for another weekend. But don’t let that be your excuse- get outside and into the woods before the season is just a memory.

The Ohio wildflower bloom report is updated weekly with the best places to see spring wildflowers in Ohio as well as specific information on native wildflowers in the state. We encourage you to take spring wildflower photos and upload them to social media using the hashtag, #ohiowildflowers. Follow @ohiodnr and @DiscoverOhio on Twitter and Division of Natural Areas and Preserves on Facebook to see more spring wildflower photos.

What are you seeing and where? Share your favorite wildflower locations and photos below.