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Wildflower Bloom Report

Wildflower Season is coming to a Close

Posted on 5/11/2018 by State Nature Preserves
With the sudden rise in temperatures and mostly dry conditions in the last ten days, the spring wildflower season sped up and it won’t be long for the season to be over throughout Ohio. We’ve waited longer this year than any other in recent memory for the spring wildflower season to begin, and now, we are close to saying goodbye for another year.

This weekend, for good trillium displays head north from Morrow County to Lake Erie, or if you want to see orchids, head south from Hocking County to the Ohio River. The forecast calls for rain showers so you may want to bring a rain coat along with you.

Here is the last report for the season.


The trees are almost completely leafed out in southern Ohio. The trilliums and other spring wildflowers that have been producing beautiful displays the last couple weeks are nearly done. At Lake Katharine State Nature Preserve, spring beauties are down to their last flower and large white trilliums are completely faded away. Wild geranium, foamflower, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Canada violet, Jacob’s ladder, wild blue phlox, spring cress, wild ginger, creamy white violet, Solomon’s seal, mayapple, showy orchis and long-spurred violet are blooming in good numbers. There will be new bloomers on the way such as Indian cucumber-root.

At Davis Memorial State Nature Preserve, sweet cicely, Robin’s plantain, wild geranium, golden ragwort, common blue violet, miterwort, meadow parsnip, hispid buttercup, dwarf crested iris, goldenseal, large yellow lady’s-slipper orchid, wild ginger and showy orchis are all in bloom. This Saturday, join preserve manager Josh Deemer for a spring wildflower hike with a focus on the four species of orchids that are blooming at the preserve. For more details visit the event calendar on our website.

Wood vetch, wild blue phlox, Jacob’s ladder, blue-eyed Mary, spring cress and stonecrop are blooming along Buckeye/Lakeview Trail at Burr Oak State Park. Blue-eyed Mary will be ending soon so this weekend will likely be the last chance to see it.


The appendage, broad-leaf and Virginia waterleafs are in bloom at Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. All four waterleafs occur in the preserve and three of the four are now in bloom. Solomon’s plume, Solomon’s seal, wild geranium, wild ginger, golden and round-leaf ragworts, bluets, wild blue phlox, and several species of violets are in bloom. The large white trilliums are blushing pink and soon will be completely done.

Large white trilliums are at peak long the trails on the north side of the lake at Mt. Gilead State Park in Morrow County.


It will be peak bloom at Goll Woods State Nature Preserve this weekend. You will find yellow, blue, long-spurred and creamy white violets, Jack-in-the-pulpit, starry false Solomon’s seal, Solomon’s seal, wood anemone, rue-anemone, trilliums, goldenseal, swamp buttercup, miterwort, marsh marigold, Jacob’s ladder, wild ginger, and wild geranium in bloom. On the other side of the state, it is a similar situation at Eagle Creek State Nature Preserve with peak bloom occurring right now. Eagle Creek has wonderful displays of large white trillium that will amaze you!

Red and large white trilliums, Jack-in-the pulpit and Solomon’s seal are at peak bloom at Sheepskin Hollow State Nature Preserve in Columbiana County.

Large white trilliums are at their peak at Collier, Olsen, and Johnson Woods state nature preserves. At Olsen you can also see false rue-anemone, Virginia bluebells, marsh marigold, and blue cohosh in bloom.

At Kendrick Woods State Nature Preserve wood anemone, wild geranium, wild ginger, goldenseal, Jacob’s ladder, early meadow-rue, wild blue phlox, large flowered trillium and sessile trillium are in peak bloom.

This is the final report of the season. We hope you enjoyed this year’s weekly reports. We will start again around the beginning of March in 2019. Get out and enjoy to wildflowers!